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Electronic Surveying Equipment

Today electronic surveying equipment has become a major tool in the construction industry. It is through the use of such equipment that a surveyor can much more easily determine particular dimensions in order to ensure that the construction work being carried out is done so correctly. Although surveying has been around for many centuries now (both the Egyptians and Romans were using it to build their roads and buildings (pyramids included) it is actually very difficult to determine just exactly when it was first used.

All the equipment that is now used today will be compromised of three different components which are able to measure distance, angles as well as the elevation of an item. But the great thing about all surveying equipment including electronic versions is that they are able to measure one or more of the components we have mentioned previously.

However because there are so many different pieces of equipment to choose from it may become somewhat overwhelming when a person is having to make a decision on just which one they should use, especially if a person has limited or no experience of surveying. Below we however provide details of some of the kinds of surveying equipment that are now in use today.

1. Electronic Levels

These transmit a beam of infrared light which is invisible to the naked eye and helps to establish a point or known reference elevation and is used in order to take measurements during construction works. There are two different types of electronic level which many surveyors are now using either the single beam or the rotating beam.

The single beam projects a light which can either be projected to another point either vertically, horizontally or at an incline. Whilst the rotating beam provides the surveyor with a plane of reference covering a particular open area. All these types of levels are self levelling and will not start working until the instrument has levelled itself correctly. Plus if at any time should the level being moved or knocked the light is automatically turned off and will only come back on once the equipment has levelled itself.

2. Electronic Distance Measurers

Often more commonly referred to as EDMs and are used to accurately measure the distance between one point and another. This particular piece of electronic surveying equipment works by measuring how long it takes the laser to travel from the EDM to a prism placed at another location and then back to the EDM again. However before the invention of this particular piece of electronic equipment tapes or chains were used in order to provide accurate measurements of the distance between 2 points.

As with all modern electronic surveying equipment they will use a computerized system which is able to collect and record all the information collected out on site before it can be transferred over to a computer and the information printed out. This therefore makes the job of the surveyor much easier to carry out and will provide them with accurate readings and measurements at all times.

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Electronic Surveying Equipment

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