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Mobile Car Audio and Automobile Stereo Electronic Equipment Installation

Are you in a local car club and have you been helping all your friends install their car stereo equipment for them? It makes sense they want you to do it, because your car stereo audio system rocks and therefore they want your help to do it right and they know they need your advice too. No one wants to have dead batteries every day or worse off end up catching their car on fire due to the improper installation of equipment right?

Indeed and so there you are helping everyone for free, but why not make this a business too. All the local Yuppies in their SUVs want audio systems, automobile stereo electronic equipment, pedestrian radars, back up sonar alarms and GPS Systems. Why you can charge them $60.00 per hour installing their XM Satellite Radio at their office in a Mobile Car Audio and Automobile Stereo Electronic Equipment Installation business. Hey if you are that good why not make money at it right?

You can still put in your car club friends audio systems and such, but now they will have to pay you to do it or trade even if you discount your labor costs by half or a third. Meanwhile you can have your own business and use that money to keep your ride sounding better than everyone else’s and you will know what everyone else has too; because you are the one who installed it and you got paid to do it. Consider all this in 2006.

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