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Anti-Fog Spray for Paintball and More

Anti-fog spray may be use for many different things but here we are going to discuss its uses in the fun game of paintball. For those of you that have been paintballing before, you will know that it is a very fun game.

As much fun as it may be, it is also somewhat painful when the paintball hits you. Because of things like this is it compulsory that all participants wear protective gear when they are playing the game. The rules are simple, no gear, no game. This game can be dangerous if it is played without the correct gear. There are different kinds of paintball games, one for kids and no for the adults.

The helmet you wear while in action is obviously to protect your head and face, but when pin motion and aiming for a moving target, you have to be able to see clearly and this is where the anti-fog sp0ray comes in. there is no better way to keep the lens of the helmet clean.

Anti-fog spray will do the job, and the best part about the spray is that you only have to clean it once and it will stay clean until the game is over, giving you a clear vision of your opponent throughout the game. Also, when you are running around your breathing increases, and without anti-fog spray, your lens is going to become foggy and you will have to take it off to clean it while your opponent runs free. So the solution is to use anti-fog spray when you are playing paintball.

A side benefit to the anti fog spray for paintball is that it will help prevent paint from sticking on the outside of the shield as well.

You might even find that if you use the anti-fog spray, your game play will improve. This is possible as now you can see who you are shooting! So if you are a player of this game, get some anti-fog and see what the game is really about!

Written by Angelus Amerson. Find more information on Stretch Marks Strivectin or you can also read on more uses for the Anti-Fog Spray

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