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The Secret of The Body Fat Analyzer

Body fat is more important in determining a persons overall health than weight, so it is wise to find a way to calculate body fat. The bathroom scale can be misleading because a person can be considered overweight and still be healthy. Overall body fat should be the primary concern and focus. A body fat analyzer will more accurately determine what percentage of a person's weight is fat and what type of action will be necessary to reduce it.

The trick is in figuring out that the importance of weight loss isn't in losing just any type of weight, but that it's rather in losing body fat. A body fat analyzer can help you by making your body fat measurement known so that you can do something about it. You could have a perfectly reasonable overall weight and not be considered overweight by most medical standards, but you could still have a high body fat count.

Muscle, which includes organs, is more compact and weighs more than fat, so calculating an individual's body fat requires more than weighing on a standard scale. Bone and other body parts also contribute to a person's weight, so an accurate assessment of overall health is difficult to determine unless a body fat analyzer is used. With an accurate body fat measurement, a person will be better able to decide what action to take.

A body fat analyzer will help because it can give you a more complete idea of your physical condition through reading how much of your body is healthy lean fat and how much of it is comprised of unhealthy fat cells. It adds up the figures and comes up with a percentage and that percentage is your body fat index. Your doctor is probably the best person to visit to learn how to calculate body fat properly, but you can also purchase equipment that will help you be able to do it for yourself at home.

The best method for to calculate body fat is called Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry or DEXA. DEXA is a way of measuring all of the required components to come up with the measurement of body fat accurately. This body fat analyzer measures bone, fat and muscle whereas most analyzers only measure fat and muscle. Unfortunately, the DEXA test is quite expensive and is usually only available in medical facilities. Talk to your doctor for more information.

An easy way to find a rough estimate of your body fat percentage is to purchase a home body fat analyzer and do it yourself. This usually comes in the form of a device that looks an awful lot like a bathroom scale. The analyzer will want you to input some information, such as your height and age, before it compiles your body fat measurement. It is not as accurate as the DEXA test, but it still can serve to motivate you to make some improvements in your lifestyle choices.

An accurate assessment of body fat is a necessary step if a person wants to become healthier. It might make an individual feel bad for a moment, but if a person is unaware of their general health, how can he or she know how much to do to improve it? A body fat analyzer can provide a person with a starting point and the motivation necessary for change. The road to better health is paved with self-awareness and an accurate body fat analysis can be the first step.

Gary Holdon is a writer and internet publisher. Read his popular articles about weight loss retreats and fitness workout programs.

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